Which Is the Best Dishwasher


Doing dishes means wasting time on tasks that deliver no satisfaction on the expense of leisure or other more rewarding activities. Fortunately, dishwashers are an affordable solution you can employ in order to set the balance straight: you get more time to invest in what you like doing and while enjoy increased cleanliness and less energy consumption.

But given the plethora of brands and models on the market, how can you actually choose the machine that is right for you? What are the criteria according to which you make your final choice, and what do you need to know before you even begin to study the market? In brief, which is the best dishwasher for you?


How to find the top dishwashers in 2014 – Professional Advice


dissThe first thing you need to take into account is size. You do not want to ruin your kitchen décor, mostly if you are sensitive to how furnishings blend in with each other in order to create a harmonious domestic environment. The typical 24-inch units come as built-in dishwashers, drawer models and tall tub machines. Smaller alternatives, measuring up to 18 inches, refer to compact units and portable dishwashers, the latter being recommended to customers for occasional use who also move a lot or have no permanent space to accommodate the machine.

The best dishwashers in 2014 come in all of the above mentioned types, but you have to narrow down your search. After you figure out your kitchen’s ability to accommodate a certain model, you have to consider the differences in terms of capaciousness. Unlike built-in units, which handle 12 five-piece settings, drawer dishwashers offer two subcategories: single-drawers and double-drawers, meaning increased ease of use and variation of accommodated loads. Tall tub dishwashers handle 14 five-piece settings, which is why they are recommended to large families or to users who like to regularly play host for large crowds of guests.

That said, you then need to study the specific technologies so you eventually figure out which is the best dishwasher that completely matches your demands. The best bet for you is to opt for Energy Star devices: they can cut down energy consumption with up to 41%. This feature guarantees that in the long run, your investment pays off, resulting in substantial savings on bills.

The best dishwashers in 2014 are fitted with a host of sensors designed to manage the internal climate of the unit and increase efficiency. They ensure no amount of water or detergent is used in excess, while also guaranteeing high-grade cleanliness due to temperature and soil monitoring. Dishwashers perform various cycles, for customized cleanliness. For instance, delayed wash allows you to set the machine to automatically start when it works most for you (1 to 24 hours ahead). A special cycle is sanitation, which restores sensitive surfaces (cutting boards, baby bottles) to their pristine state (it kills 99.9% of bacteria accumulated while in use).

Do not neglect the tub material either. The best dishwashers in 2014 are made of stainless steel, known for its ability to withstand odors and stains, whereas slate resists rust. Plastic tubs might come in handy for you if you are willing to compromise for the sake of affordability. Flexibility matters a lot too: look for dishwashers with adjustable racks that allow you to compartmentalize the available space so you can load a full range of dishes (from pans and pots to delicate glassware).

And if you are particularly sensitive to noise, search for units that promise quiet operation so you can enjoy your after-meal siesta untroubled or your guests company without having to raise your voice to make chitchat possible.


Key features to look for when purchasing a dishwasher

- Size matters if you want the purchase to fit in with your kitchen furnishing

- Roominess, so you can load as much as you need

- Sensors for keeping water and detergent consumption low and for increased sanitation

- Energy efficiency, so you make sure your initial objective is met

- Flexibility for customized compartmentalization of interior environment

- Variety of cycles and programs to adjust the dishwasher to perform specific tasks

- Materials that guarantees resistance to stains, rust and odors

- Silent operation for little to no impact on domestic atmosphere

- Regarding cleaning you can find a useful article here: dishwasher cleaning



Best Dishwashers in 2014 – Summary


dish2Parting with the old way of doing dishes is not exclusively a matter of convenience, but also a measure meant to optimize energy and water consumption and to increase cleanliness. The best dishwashers in 2014 are designed to cover each and every need of even the most demanding customers, their performance being backed up by specific technologies the advancement of which benefit you with a series of praiseworthy advantages. But before you make up your mind on a certain model, you should define your demands in order to precisely know what you expect and then to be able to measure whether the real performance meets your requirements.

If, understandably enough, you do not like to ground you decisions on vague guesswork, the best dishwashers reviews can help you understand better why certain models are more popular than others. You can also use other people’s testimonies in order to see if manufacturers’ claims are justified. Is that particular model as silent as stated? How does a dishwasher work? Is it easy to install? Does it actually withstand rust and spots, and it prevents installation of bad smells? All these and plenty others are answered by real people who have tested the product you intend to buy.


Whirlpool WDF530PAYB 530


Whirlpool WDF530PAYB 530The best dishwashers reviews make it clear why this stylish 24-inch Whirlpool is such a hit on the market. It is the kind of device that catches your attention instantly: the elegant smooth finish makes it look like a luxury jewel you instinctively want to own. Fortunately, unlike other appliances that look fine but let down when it comes to how they perform, this one works perfectly. It also boasts unmatched energy efficiency, a relief you will enjoy to the full when you see how low your bills go. Plus, it is surprisingly roomy when compared to how small it looks on the outside.

“I love all appliances and tools that combine high-tech performances with a stylish design. I wanted to buy this Whirlpool since I first saw it, it simply looks too good to be overlooked. Now I have a new appliance to fit my kitchen with that also benefits my wife and me with extra convenience.” – Jeff King



Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 Dishwasher


Bosch SHP65T55UCTo connoisseurs of this leading brand it is not at all surprising to see this model ranking well among the top dishwashers in 2014. Its efficiency is proven, first of all, by the amounts you get to save on bills, a performance you can rightfully expect based on its Energy Star certification. Secondly, due to its large capacity (16 place settings), you can load a lot of dishes to clean to a single wash. Noisiness will hardly become a matter of complaint with this dishwasher: as powerful as it is, it operates silently and gives you the peace of mind you need.

“I was immediately surprised by its quiet operation, never even thought of ever having such a silent dishwasher. What I love most about this Bosch is interior spaciousness: I have a big family, so dirty dishes pile up like you couldn’t believe. Fortunately, now I have my dishwasher to manage the piles.” –Donna Nelson



Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher


DDW611WLEDThe best dishwashers in 2014 are Energy Star certified, and this particular Danby model makes no exception. The advantage of energy efficiency is accompanied by yet another benefit: the machine maintains a low water consumption level, without compromising other features. Ease of installation is one of the strengths worth mentioning: there is no need to call a professional plumber, since the machine can easily be connected to any tap available in the kitchen. Plus, the LED display makes it so simple for you to choose from the 6 wash cycles, according to what types of tools you want to load.

“I can find no fault with this one. In fact, it fully matches my expectations: I wanted a versatile machine to help me deal with dirty dishes without too much trouble. The LED display helps me a lot when I want to choose a different wash cycle. On top of that, it is energy efficient.” – Lisa Green


SPT Countertop Dishwasher


SPTThe top rated dishwashers reviews seem to reference this Energy Star certified SPT as the perfect choice you can make if you want a balanced mix of customization, ease of installation and longevity. Dishwashers will never make for a kitchen’s centerpiece, which is why, if fond of discretion, you will be more than satisfied with this compact unit’s small size, allowing you to place it where you see fit.  Also, you do not want to take pains with heavy plumbing work. This model will fit you like a glove, since it can be easily connected to any kitchen tap at hand.

“Great product, loved it from the very first moment. Installation looks a lot like a DIY job, and that spared me from a lot of trouble. I particularly appreciate the 6-cycle range which allows me to safely and efficiently clean all my kitchen tools. Also, I saved a lot on bills so far.” – Penny Baker


Amana Tall Tub Dishwasher


SPTFeaturing a tall tub, this built-in unit from Amana is spacious enough to allow you to load a lot of dishes on a single wash. Spaciousness, however, is not the only quality that turns it into one of the top dishwashers in 2014. It is one of the most generous designs available on the market in terms of the technologies that power its performances. The delay start option, for instance, helps you synchronize the machine with your schedule, whereas the antimicrobial component makes sure dishes come out crystal clear and bacteria-free. Energy Star certification adds up, guaranteeing the safe investment in the long run.

“This is the powerful roomy dishwasher I have always wanted to have. It works flawlessly and it gives me a peace of mind. And not just because of the extra convenience I personally enjoy, but also because of that terrific antimicrobial magic it does, cleaning my utensils like I have never seen before.” – Kimberly Miller


Frigidaire FFBD1821M


Frigidaire FFBD1821MReferenced by the top rated dishwashers reviews as a built-in unit you can rely on due to its fantastic performance, this Frigidaire also proves exceptional longevity owed to the stainless steel interior. One of the most appreciated features is the delay start option that allows you to set it to automatically run when you think it suits you best. It also features a cycle dedicated to cleaning delicate tools – china and crystal – in complete safety, with not risk of damage. It is also Energy Star certified, a feature you should value since it guarantees recovery of investment based on savings on bills.

“Small, but extremely efficient. I particularly love the way it deals with my delicate utensils, which convinces me this is indeed the smart dishwasher I have been expecting for a long time. I can already see the purchase pays off: energy bills have consistently dropped since I replaced my old dishwasher.” – Helen Young


Danby DDW1899BLS 18-Inch


Danby DDW1899BLS 18-InchThis built-in Danby unit should not be overlooked if your standard goes nowhere lower than what the best dishwashers in 2014 promise to offer. You may very well aim at excellence, but in case you also have a penchant for discrete designs, this small size 18-inch machine will definitely match your demands and tastes perfectly. The 7 wash cycles occasion you to electronically select the type of wash you consider safe and most efficient for a particular category of utensils. Energy efficiency is guaranteed by its Energy Star certification, an endorsement only the top proven devices on the market enjoy.

“For as long as I had it, my old dishwasher never fell short of my expectations. But with this new Danby I got, I discovered how much more advantages I can enjoy: I totally agree, technology never rests, something always changes – and for the better, I might add. Consistent savings on energy bills too.” – Nancy Hill


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